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Delivering enterprise and STEM challenges in partnership with schools and business underpinned by formal vocational enterprise qualifications. We will provide a clear and consistent framework that enables young people to learn in a fun and engaging approach recognising strengths and allows business to use its expertise to bring education to life.


We aim to help young people aged 6-16 years old to realise their ambitions and raise aspirations through providing real life enterprise experiences delivered holistically in association with parents, pupils, teachers and businesses to ultimately ensure future work forces are aware of emerging opportunities and adequately prepared for the world of work


Better equipped young people with key soft and transferable skills who are aware of and prepared for the world of work, alongside completing a vocational qualification pathway. A clear framework that provides local businesses the opportunity to positively influence and engage with schools. Improved community cohesion through the engagement and involvement of shopkeepers that also provide volunteering opportunities for parents to develop skills. Out of term activities providing parents and pupils additional engagement opportunities addressing societal issues. Upskilling teachers to better understand enterprise through mini-MBAs.

The PIE Project

The Primary Inspiration through Enterprise Mission is to build effective business education links to support the development of young people and strengthen communities. We are planning our 2024 Challenge launching 15th January 2024

Please contact us at big@pieproject.org to register for this exciting opportunity.

Since its launch, thousands of pupils took part in The PIE Project’s activities to develop key enterprise transferable skills through STEM activities.

Preparing school children for jobs of the future!

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The PIE Challenge

The BIG PIE Challenge offers pupils the opportunity to really understand and experience business by helping to create and run an enterprise based on profit. Each pupil develops a CV, undertakes an interview alongside identifying their strengths and addressing weaknesses. In all, young people are provided with all of the necessary information and support to help realise ambitions and raise aspirations.

How It Works


Register your interest

Sign up through Our Website or contact 01661 823234 Email big@pieproject.org.


PIE’oneer assigned

PIE’oneers are volunteers that are assigned to each school to help carry out the activities in each stage.


Schools receive activity pack

Every school will receive a pack that will provide schools with all the resources needed to complete the challenge.


Stage 1 Commences – 15th Jan

Stage 1 will consist of two activities. The first activity will get students to build the best glider that can reach the furthest distance. Next, the pupils will be involved in a coding game, with the aim of trying to pass as many levels as possible.


Stage 2 Completes – 26th April 

If your team is able to progress onto stage 2, you will have the chance to create your own product or service using a £100, interest free loan. Pupils will get to work with other local businesses and entrepreneurs to try and sell their product.


The Big PIE Challenge Awards Ceremony – 23rd May 2024

The winner of the challenge will be the team that has been able to accumulate the highest amount of profit.

What Other's Have Been Saying?

Angela Robinson
Angela RobinsonReid Street Primary School Staff
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We would recommend that any school gets involved with the Big PIE Challenge as it brings a whole host of benefits for pupils. With the emphasis that is evident from the DfE and from Ofsted, on: enterprise and aspiration, ability to communicate, employability skills, resilience, citizenship… these are crucial elements of a broad and rich curriculum.
Mr David Cook
Mr David CookCouncillor
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We very much enjoyed yesterday's (14th February) presentations, thank you and many congratulations to yourselves. I thought the contributions of such very young children, some from schools in very deprived areas were remarkable, and a feather in their caps for their efforts. I am sure they will grow in confidence as a result of their participation in the projects.
James Eves
James EvesPIE'oneer
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I’ve really enjoyed my first experience of the PIE project. In Stage 1, I got to meet enthusiastic year 5 children that I could share my experience with and they could also share their knowledge with me in the coding combat challenge. Making foam airplanes took me right back to when I was their age! All in all a great initiative and way to learn and practice skills that will be useful going forwards. I’d have loved this when I was at primary school!"
Ian Murray
Ian MurrayPIEO'neer
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What a fantastic group of pupils from Reid Street Primary, they all really engaged in the project Stage 1 and were keen to mirror their achievements from last year. It’s not often you leave a building feeling refreshed and energised but that’s exactly how I felt upon leaving the school premises. Joanne and Hilary are exceptional teachers and with them at the helm of the project, I just know that they will be a success.
PupilReid Street Primary School
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My favourite part was the gliders I wanted to see how far I could throw it. As it was light, I thought I’d get it to the end of the hall, but I didn’t. On my second go, my distance was even less!
PupilReid Street Primary School
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I loved the coding because it really made me think and when I finished each level, I felt incredibly proud








Schools will be provided with £100 seed money to start then on there profit making venture.
***To be eligible for a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prize schools will need to generate a minimum of £200 profit.


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